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Al Mariah

Build in 2000, as one of the oldest continuously operated cinema in UAE and it had transformed into a thoroughly modern screen facility with state of the presentation.

Al Mariah Cinema has 9 theatres with around 2065 seating capacity, offers you the very best in entertainment value with competitive box office and concession pricing, has superb film projection, state of the art surround digital sound, spacious lobby area, currently changed to fresh and colorful upholstered seats with two sections; VIP and Gold Class exclusively for couples, ladies and family.

Digital halls showcase movies in 3-D and 2-D featuring the Dolby Digital Cinema System with outstanding Dolby full surrounds audio quality and reliability. Perfect for those premiere nights and special advance screenings. The Dolby Digital Cinema allows movie goers to be engaged in a much richer and compelling manner in terms of realism. The Digital 2-D projection promises higher resolution images and state-of the art digital sound. The cinematic experience will be more vivid, enthralling and movie-goers can be assured of higher quality experience.

Al Mariah Cinema is proud of its longevity and the ability to survive, is testimony entirely to UAE audience. Consistently strives to make your theatre going experience the best possible.

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